Sarah Slappey creates jungles of feet and hands, with legs and arms sprouting and twisting like vines around every corner of the composition. Her brilliant paintings feature surreal elements that will make your skin crawl while at the same time alluring you, drawing you closer into the frame. Both peculiar and beautiful, Slappey’s work takes familiar subjects like the human body and turns them into something wildly strange, something that will have you looking twice, unsure of what you might be seeing. The artist uses vivid colors in her paintings, depicting scenes with a harsh lighting, often creating an almost cinematic atmosphere, one that is full of mystery, intrigue, and wonder. Slappey’s work will fill you with a dark whimsy, one that will have you searching the canvas for answers. 

Join us in conversation as Sarah Slappey shares with us her fascination with disembodied limbs, the importance of shadows in her work, and where she finds inspiration for her moody lighting.