Kate Gottgens

In the contemporary moment, when the media often makes us feel the frenzy and the confusions of the world, everything seems wrought with anxiety and, at times, in vain. It is difficult to remain optimistic and to find a way to keep smiling about the future. In Tired from Smiling – the artist’s fourth solo exhibition at SMAC – paintings in bright, pastel colours and unfinished shapes are vivid witnesses of this contemporary state of mind.

The titles of the exhibited artworks evoke the passing of time (Another Debt, Another Day, Another Beach), tormented environments (Indefinite man, Free fall, Interior (lost soul), Problem Child (Blue Bird), Rubber Glove, Stolen, Trouble, Vanish) or a poor hope that resides in the imagination (Resident Alien, Squirt, Saturday Sun, Up to the Skies, Harvey, Dead Man’s Float, Blue Dream).