An Exploration of How Painting Language Engage with Artist’s emotion 


The language of Art could be considered has the similar effect with written words(Rawley silver,2013)and painting may be the outcome towards the attitude of life pathway to express the emotions and thoughts .When facing the same figure, different artist could express it in their own way and mostly based on emotions and cognition experience as well as “revaluate” to the familiar objects. Michael Phillipson(2016)considered the inner necessity a metaphor desire and honest respond to contemporary stylistic conventions .In this Essay I am going to analyze some artists which reflects their personal life experience and psychology activity.



 Gauguin may see the essence of painting as an object which is separate from objective fact independently. The way he create his work often comes from 


the experience of memories instead of the direct cognition experience from the real world .Though William somerset Maugham(1919)keeps a skeptical attitude to the authenticity of his personality and lifetime , still from his description of the wandering lifetime in Tahiti island could I find his desire escaping from Paris and hearing for the natural and wild world which could release his repressed nature . 




From Takayama Tatsuo’s landscape painting ,all the shapes of hills are the entrust to the care of his desire to be part of the nature Just like in a certain kind of dreamland .the theory of Chinese landscape painting highlights the philosophy which is human as a small part of the nature also integration of man and nature .The sense of hazy fog surrounded mountain express a sense of purity from heart and the thought of innocence.



If back to my work , I am trying to looking for a certain kind of painting language I want to make a debate of the relationship between me , the experience of the real world and the yearning for natural things . In this term I am trying to confirming the painting language from The similarities of materials and the aesthetic of figure shaping skill .from early renaissance altarpieces and fresco and even some unfinished work of fresco. 


The using of tempera in fresco give the similar materiality with traditional Chinese silk painting. Both of them are painted with keeping covering with very light bright mineral colors and plant colors.Thus I am trying to find the common language of giving a sense of transparency, delicate and sensitive feeling.Due to the water soluble character with tempera most of Piero Della Francesca’s(1416-1492)portrait conveys a sense of thick ,delicate and transparent feeling of the awakening of self conscious . 




The first painting of the series called Touching the memories. Brain Weiss once state from the acquaintance of the soul “ Once he hand your hand , his touching memory will beyond the space time throughout every cells in your body , make you trembling.” The figure of the girl is self portrait and the body is filled with integrate memories from past and contemporary state. I make it by ruining into debris . When “She gazing at your eyes , your stomach is writhing, goose bumps climbed to your arms , all the things from outside world is making no difference .” As I am creating the work , I found myself a paradox to the real world and the natural world that I am chasing . I could not let my memories debris go but also have both the reluctant and fear emotion about it . TatsuonTakayama (1980-)once depict the emotion of anxiety through the covering changing faces from different angles,and it reminds me a method of the effect of covering image, to express the sense of passing memories between collectives and individuals.



The second work of the series called peeping. I am trying to make a panic sense of been peeped by the eyes of public ,Conveying a fear of expose myself in the crowd. 


The third piece called “the breakthrough cells”.Khail Gibran once said in his poem “ You should know ,  I would come back from the bigger silence …Don’t forget I will come back to your place.”As Brain Weiss said  Passing through the vast space to meet with you . They come from another side , from the sky .  Appearing with different looks , you could still recognize them by your heart .”Though expressing an emotion of escaping from the real world , the third piece trying to create a sense of reborn of the soul .


 A lot of contemporary artist may express their attitudes toward the issues which is popular and conventional. As for me I prefer to create the work through my emotional experience since they leave the imprintings on my memories and the most authentic feelings to my work.




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