Piero della Francesca

Andrea Mantegna

Paul Gauguin


Fresco is a kind of painting type I have been loving with and Francesca is one of my favorite artist.The way he geometrize and planarity the figure inspired me when I am dealing with the  figure in my painting.I think his painting is atmospherical but quite delicate when you stand closer and look at the details.Maybe the character that tempera is water solubled, it could bring a decorous feeling even it may not covered by thick color layer.what I like about Gaugain's painting most is that how he deal with the figures and other elements in a sense of African wooden sculpture .I am interested in the way how he abstracting the object and gradually formed his own painting language.And the consecutive method from Picasso's painting also inspired me to seek a sense of malposition.I think my work is a combination of the points that I talk above.I would like to seek my own painting language which between figurative and abstract .