peeping #2


watercolor on silk


I would like to seek an appropriate language to express my feeling of my experience,just to tell the story which respect my inner status no matter what kind of skill or materialI used.Changing a narrative perspective to explore myself .

This work is a kind of  expression from  my life experience that change to another completely new culture environment .The feeling of strangeness,loneliness, uncertain, deep and seeking motivate me to create this work.An expression of "touching memories " and eyes which on others' faces but a sort of inner reflection from my heart.

The reason I choose silk as basic material is that it could provide a sense of transparent , stratified, exquisite and it would bring different effects when covering brush shading on silk.I also do some collage on the body of the girl's portrait for decorative effect and a bit of humorous sense.At first I was thinking of making video of clouds on the top of first portrait but I think it may be redundant for the moment and may break the sense of wholeness and it may not make any sense.

I read a psychologic book about true  feeling and love while painting,(ONLY LOVE IS REAL from Brain Weiss). Some words inspired me of my composition and the look of the figures.For example"....They come from another world,from the sky.You could recognize them though appearing in different faces....when they first holding your hands their touching memories would beyond the space time throughout  every cells in your body, make you trembling.....The process of the meeting of soul may be extremely subtle and slow.Dawn of cognition would appear when raising the veil of hidden eyes...."These words give me inspiration of the elements of the painting  like hand and eyes.

touching memories #1


watercolor on silk