I mainly develop my work through producing plan , along with some thoughts of the things I experienced in my daily life and paint something as something aside from plan. The 3 painting series is a kind of self exploration through the experience. I think temporarily I trying to explore through the direct feeling to the contemporary world , it's somehow like explore the reason of some certain kind of emotion like a therapist . I think this is not actually the way I want to go into but as a start of awareness. Also I found myself keep changing some thoughts of work even it's still within one project.


3 pieces painting is like drama. The first painting (scene)is an interaction between hand and gazing and a kind of destroy of self which indicates a recalling to something intense in the past and an attempt to unknown. The second one is an phantom along with different emotions after breaking through . So I choose montage to manage those faces and eyes which from my own feeling to the contemporary. The child's head with big eye is an indicate of subconsciousness which has gone to be a research point in unit 3. Another thing is at first I intend to frame it behind a film just in order to build a world of illusory and in a mysterious way. But I start to think about the barrier between painter and viewer either because of the film and the way I present also I print it on a another silk and build a little more space when exhibit.I am thinking about whether the using way may not seems that old that engage into the form of work could be seemed as a way of demonstration and a record of process when the current status may be changed . 


The third piece is a review to the dream . For the moment I am thinking about the relationship between historical values and contemporary such as the design and transfer through symbolic thing and the relation between symbol and picture which related to the subconsciousness and intension.