The pain sometimes brings an unspeakable beauty. People are uniquely different from each other, or hidden or present. When he wants to leave the world and feel the short and deep loneliness, he lives in this kind of pain.

What I want to convey is the "confusion" and "sorrow" of people in the process of experiencing. In the baptism of the years, people seek changes in the object from the body to the outside. Questioning the self, doubting about sex, finding yourself in the constant choice of belonging. I try to ask questions and explore the inner world of deeper people in intimate relationships through different characters and physical states.

This "sting" is conveyed by blurring the image of the gender and the part of the body. The stinging is about the expression of the relationship between people. The "soft thorn" is sometimes hard and sharp in the relationship, and sometimes it is weak to touch when it is far away . At the same time, I want to use the texture produced by folding and under pressure to bring a unique reaction mechanism to the senses. The combination of sculpture and picture is to break the traditional way of viewing, highlighting the physical and spatial structure of the material.